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It started as an idea….


2015 when a business trip to UK London brought an idea of finally dumping the corporate world and sharing my passion for hospitality and service in a bespoke, practical and a sure income stream avenue.


Yes! Food cart…but Food cart 2.0!




Is something customized, made for a special reason and the perfect match for this is Piaggio Ape Van.  A mini van that was originally manufactured in Italy, made from finest materials.  Mini yet very elegant looking, has also great fuel efficiency with dimension that is perfect for a food cart.




Food van that is a perfect conversion to kick start whatever food concept you want to introduce in the market.   It’s mini size allows you to get between spaces, malls, street corners, events and even in your own parking space. Be in your house today and be at the mall the next day with no fuss nor transportation issues.



Income Stream.


Serious in driving profits. You are not tied with construction and building cost. Its clever concept is a head turner, the sky is your limit, be anywhere, anytime,  Nobody can stop you.


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